The making process

Perfect Present has been created in an unusual way. After completing the three-year Meisner acting training in 's-Hertogenbosch Netherlands, five actors meet weekly. From the simple "who is knocking at the door?" improvisation exercise, fictitious family relationships grow. A story arises in the course of a year: a narrative about deception, concealment and dormant family issues that come to an unstoppable climax.

All improvisations are recorded with a camera and scenes are written based on these recordings. During public tryouts, the scenes are refined and the script is finalized with the help of feedback from the audience.

Creating a story this way, Hullegie has been able to focuses entirely on the characters and acting. Perfect Present is the first result of this method. Unusual, complex, enthusiastic, fiery and from time to time hilarious. An extraordinary film that is distinguished by its independent narrative and genesis made by passion.